My favourite guitar straps

3 november 2016

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Guitar straps, every good guitarist knows how important they are. They help to keep your guitar level and at the correct height to play your very best. Guitar straps are a statement, they allow you to tell the crowd something about yourself. The colour you choose, the pattern you pick, the material you select, it all tells a little something about who the audience is dealing with. Personally, I think guitar straps are at their best when I have to play for long periods of time. When I am on the stage for a few hours, it is essential that I have freedom to move the way I want, rather than being confined to a specific spot. My favourite guitar straps are:

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Designed for playing

Let’s start with the important thing: comfort. When playing a concert or a smaller gig, it is vital you can go all night. You can’t loosen up halfway through the set, the crowd will notice something is wrong. Comfort is absolutely vital when selecting your guitar straps. Before you buy a strap, try it out for a bit, see how it fits you. Also make sure the straps work with your guitar. Not all guitars work as well with all available straps. You just have to try and hope for the best! Furthermore, I want my guitar straps to be durable. This is one of the main things for me: I feel like I shouldn’t have to go to the music store every other gig. When you have straps for a longer period of time, you get more in tune with them. You realise the way can move more easily and how you have to hold the guitar to allow for your best play. A durable strap helps you improve and does not slow you down, durability is everything while selecting your very first strap.

Guitar straps: learn to play again

Musicians that have played without a strap their entire life might be in for a shock. Playing the guitar works slightly different when you are using straps. The positioning of your hands needs to be altered, which can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to master. The time it takes you to transition depends on your level, but also on your skill in playing without a strap. The higher level you are, the more difficult the transition may be. Do not let this discourage you however, playing with guitar straps gives you more freedom and more flexibility. It allows you to walk across the stage and engage the audience. Make sure you buy straps that are comfortable, durable and are designed for playing. Some guitar straps might be very pretty, but don’t keep the player in mind. It can be a real hassle installing and maintaining some straps, better stick to what you know! On you buy the best guitar straps. They come in different materials and models, so you decide what you like best. The seatbelt models are a favourite, but the retro fabric straps never go out of style. Jump onto their website for the best deals and great customer service.

Artists with straps

On the site you find a great article about other artists that wore straps in the past. Are you lacking inspiration or do you just want to see who else played with dignity, quickly browse to the article and be amazed! Of course you can always change your order if you see something you like way more!

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